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Found 5 results

  1. I have uploaded my Pod Go .pgp patches, and when they are downloaded, they change extension to .l6t (original uploaded files were .pgp). I have tried this numerous times, with same results. It seems like a bug. Does anyone knows how to resolve this? This is an example: You will notice that it is uploaded and marked as Pod Go (.pgp) file, but still... I would appreciate any help.
  2. Hi guys, I want to upload an image or two of my new bargain purchase - a Tele clone with a vaxplant already done. Compared with my own vaxplants into Strat clones, this is a pretty schmick job. I won't actually pick it up til this Sunday (Sydney time), but I have a couple of images i got from the fleabay sale. It seems I can only upload up to 27kb file size - what the?? Edit: I've uploaded images here before, so I obviously missed it - what changed?
  3. I saw a thread here recently stating that there are issues with the CustomTone part of the site not allowing you to click on your tone name to get to the details. I've figured out how to get the "Tone Details" screen for a tone I just uploaded, but once there, the only option I have is "delete." I'd like to add comments and a link to a sample of the sound I uploaded to I was not given the option to add the comment while uploading, and now that the upload is done, I can't see how to add a comment after the fact. Am I just missing something simple, or is that functionality not working?
  4. Cannot Upload Custom Models To Jtv-59, Cannot Reset Single Model To Factory Setting Mac OS X 10.6.8 Macbook Pro 2.2 Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM Line6 Monkey 1.65 USB Firmware 1.03 Brand New JTV-59 Flash Memory 2.0 Workbench HD 2.01 Using all stock, supplied cables and connectors. JT-59 battery fully charged. When I brought all this gear home, everything connected-up just fine, updates installed just fine. In general, everything works great. With Workbench HD loaded, I can operate the switches and knobs on the JTV-59 and I see the screen changing. Conversely, when I make changes on the screen in Workbench HD, the guitar tones change immediately. I can even "build" a custom model or make changes to an existing model on the screen and the guitar's tones change immediately. Here's the problem ... When I try to save the customized model to the guitar (hit the 'Upload to Variax' button [no, I'm not using either Custom bank] ), the target model slot now has NO SOUND AT ALL. It will change from Red to White like the others though. Often, I get the infamous 'Failed to write data to the guitar, Code 80007104, Failed to write to the firmware' message also. Now, when I open a backup bundle (all the models go red in Workbench HD), I cannot put the "damaged" model back to original settings (I get the failed to write message again). The only way I can get the guitar back properly is to reflash the entire firmware 2.0. What is even more frustrating is that Line6 does not offer telephone support during hours where I'm, not working :( Any help is most appreciated!
  5. Step 1: First, you will need to know where your tones reside on your computer. In this example, the path/location will be: C:\Documents and Settings\(User Account Name)\My Documents\Line 6\Tones\Line 6 Edit\Downloaded Tones. Keep in mind that "Downloaded Tones" is an arbitrarily created folder to organize the downloaded patches. Step 2: Open Line 6 Edit: Step 3: The LEFT window of the Line 6 edit program represents your computer's hard drive. The RIGHT window represents the Patch Locations of your connected Line 6 USB hardware device (in this case, a POD XT Live). Browse to the correct location of your saved patches (mentioned in Step 1) in the LEFT window. Step 4: In our example, we will transfer the "AC 30" tone from our hard drive over to the POD XT Live Location #1A. Step 5: Highlight the desired patch in the LEFT window. Step 6: highlight the location (1A) on the device in the RIGHT window. Step 7: Click on the "Selected SEND" button in the CENTER window: Step 8: Note the red-yellow "Exclamation" mark in the transfered "AC 30" in location 1A. This indicates that it is a temporary buffer transfer. In order to finalize your transfer, you will need to click on the "SYNC" button in the lower right-hand corner of the ToneLocker window. Step 9: After clicking on "SYNC", you will be prompted to confirm the transfer. Select "Write Selected Tones to (Device)". Step 10: Another confirmation message "This will write the selected modified Tones..." will appear, select "YES": Wait for the transfer to take place (don't make any changes to your gear or unplug the unit): After completing these steps, your Device will have the desired Patch/Tone saved to the location specified. The same procedure can be used for "bundles" of tones as well.
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