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Vocal Filters for POD Farm?

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Anyone know where I can get some vocal filters to use in conjunction with POD Farm (I also use Audacity for recording). My vocals are horrible and would love to add various effects to the vox (e.g. robot, reverb, talk box, etc.).


Also, does anyone know where I can actually hear the power packs for the POD Farm? I can see the various packs for sale, but there's no accompanying audio to hear what things are included!

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You could search for plug-ins for vocal effects.

I do not use any so I have no specific recommendations.


Are you using a Line6 interface to record or you just have the POD Farm software?


There are some examples for the different model packs here.



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Thanks for the link to the packs - very helpful!


I am using the Line6 UX1 to record w/ POD Farm.

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Hi Thickage,  


         In terms of vocal things, I saw a program which is not free called The Mouth.  Would maybe be a fun thing to have.

I know what you mean when it comes to vocals. I don't do a lot of things to really change the sound - like using a vocoder, other effects etc. but there are some things I can think of which help me.   

You might have tried these but I'll mention a few ideas:

There are some plugins that can help vocs while keeping the original type of sound. Things like a pitch shifter to allow you to manually or automatically get the notes adjusted to get them more in tune, reverbs and delays can help to thicken the vocal so that it's not so thin or weak sounding, compression to help cut down on ups and downs in volume levs, and eq.

If you have a recording which sounds a bit thin, you can record more takes of the same vocal and mix them together, or copy the same track and put a delay effect on one version and maybe some other effects like maybe a pitch shifter to slightly put extra vocs out of tune, as this helps them blend if it is the same voice on both tracks.

There are also the effects in pod farm but you have probably tried them.

God Bless,


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