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JTV Ghost Notes and HD500 to 500X patch conversion

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Long time Vx and JTV Vx user.  I have an HD500X


Recently I downloaded a lot of patches from another POD user.  His patches were all made with the HD500 and had the .h5e file extension.


I changed the file extensions manually to .5xe and opened them in my 500X.  The sound just fine...except.


For those patches ONLY my JTV vx alt tuning bleeds through both the original note and the alternate tuned note.  I'm 100% certain I'm not just referring to ambient string sound. I've been using Vx's since 2005 so I'm familiar with the issue.  Plus it works just fine on any patches I've created by myself or that originally had the .5xe extention.


Is this common?  Is there some way to convert these patches?  Could this be what's causing the ghost note issue others have described. He had a lot of them and they're very good.

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