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Is fractal audio copying Line 6 Peadalboards?


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I think it is more like the M series FX pedalboards and designed for those who have great amps already and want some of the time based FX Fractal gets used for.


Good analogy; like you said, it's the FX only, no amp modeling. The price tag is still a bit insane though!

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I can see why you'd think Fractal has copied Line 6.

I noticed just now it has a looper built in as well.

So they have taken the M9 concept and added a looper.


Man this thing is kinda a POD HD 500 wish list or I am glad someone is using the Line6 ideas scale LOL


Amp switching

8 FX slots at once

4CM no tone suck (this has got to be a direct dig at L6

4 min looper, that has got to be worth a quarter of the price.


I think they'l get alot of L6 users who have have or bought a great amp for their set up.

Even one of the DT serties amps 

The only drawback is cost but when plenty of big name users have fractal in their racks just for some of the FX it stands to reason why not make that more readily available.


Then there is the added DSP for exiting Axe FX owners for thew most powerful rig ever, Midi control from the floorboard unit easily assignable by a blank scene.


Will the similarities actually give more credence to the HD500s or will it cheapen it?

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