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New user with a couple of questions


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Hello World!  I recently upgraded from a Spider IV 75 to a used Vetta II.  I only play to entertain myself at home, which is why I didn't throw down the money for a Fractal AXE-FX.  All is well except a couple of bugs that I was hoping you could help sort out.  I'm assuming certain things are user error.


1.  I was flipping through the factory presets, I'd find an interesting preset, attempt to turn off the effects one by one and the amp would either revert back to original settings or the effect wouldn't turn off at all. In the long run this isn't too important as I'll end up just setting up my own tones.  I was just worried that this was indicative of some sort of issue.


2.  When I turn on the amp with the FBV Shortboard plugged in, the volume pedal always seems to need resetting (just backed off to zero and back up).


3.  When researching to connect to the Line6 Monkey software, I've seen that m-audio uno is the only way to go.  However, there's no drivers available for Windows 8.1.  Has anyone had any success on this front?


Thanks for any input.


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