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My POD x3 live Turn off and turn on alone....

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I would be grateful if anyone can help! 

No coach could give me an explanation. 

Already alimenteacion change the source and the problem continues ..... 

Please Help! 

Thanks !!!!! 

Marcelo Toth

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Hi There Marcelo,


There are a few things which "may" cause this: Power supply, firmware, corrupt tones.


The easiest is to try a reflash "without" saving your tones. You already backed them up before right? This will make sure that nothing is throwing an error when trying to load a bad tone.




Read though the page and try the "safe mode" reflash:


Q: How do I reflash in "safe mode"?
A: Safe mode can be used when a unit cannot be reflashed using the normal reflash procedure. Hold the four-way arrow key to the right while powering the POD X3 unit on to start your unit in safe mode. You can then reflash the unit as decribed above.

The next thing to try is another Power Supply:


PX-2/PX-2g AC: (Stomp modelers, All PODs, XT, and X3 series, XPS, Micro Spider): Output: 9V AC, 2000mA. Plug Length: 10.5mm, Diameter: 5.5mm, Center Pin: 2.5mm.

Hopefully one of the above will sort the issue out.



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