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using m9s´ TAP button for external delays....?

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one question: is it possible on the m9 to have the TAP button regulate the tempo of an external midi delay unit....? is the midi channel # then the same for midi recieve and midi transmit...?

and the cc#64 is the same for recieving tap tempo and sending it as well...?

thanks a lot,


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Hi rudomat,


Yes, as long as that unit recieves CC#64.


Yes, it's the same for RX and TX. I connected my M9 to a POD 500x and it worked without making any adjustments. But I had to program my 500x so that the M9 would understand it using C#64. I am assuming any MIDI capable Delay pedal will recieve it as well. Check the owner's manual of the FX in question.

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