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Can PODxt Live foot switches control AMPLIFi onboard presets?

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I still own a PODxt Live (and separate expression pedal), both still in pristine condition.  B)


I WANT to buy an AMPLIFi 150 for all its creamy goodness, as a major upgrade to my current practice amp.  

Can't wait to demo the amp at the nearby Guitar Center.


I'm NOT crazy about also immediately buying a new FBV Shortboard MkII or other new foot controller / expression pedal to access the AMPLIFi's 100 onboard presets (when the Android device is not in play).


I've already downloaded the new AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 (Android) app.  Tested one side -- mobile phone only, without the LINE 6 hardware in the room.  My new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not yet listed as officially "supported", but automatic music library recognition/acquisition, tone discovery, creation and editing all work like a charm, smooth as butter -- GREAT JOB LINE 6 !!.  



QUESTION:  Can my PODxt Live's foot switches (BANK UP / DOWN and A, B, C, D) control the AMPLIFi's 100 onboard presets in the same manner that they control the PODxt's onboard presets?  In other words, can the PODxt be used ONLY as a foot controller for the AMPLIFi, adding/subtracting nothing from the AMPLIFi's signal chain?  If so, what are the required connnections?  Firmware updates?


Thanks in advance to ANYONE who has a reliable answer!

Cheers!    :ph34r:

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No, it can't. The only way to control the Amplifi is with an FBV pedal.

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