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"dry" Signal Coming Out


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Hey everybody,


something i noticed later and annoying me. 


I have a clean patch on my HD500 (using it with my Variax 600 with the ethernet cable) consisted of a clean fender amp, with a wah, compressor (tube), ovedrive (scream) another tube comp AFTER the amp and some delay and reverb.

Now, when I play clean, or with the comp it's wite alright, but, when i press the od, it seems like some "dry" signal is coming out to the speaker. The signal is not with effects. It's kinda like the one you get when you connect your guitar straight into a soundcard. It's annoying cause if i take a solo and i raise the volume it's quite audible and it's uncomfortable to play

My out is a straight mono jack into a mono channel of a mixer and my choice of input on HD is Variax for 1 and same for 2


Any help?

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Yes, I am using just the A path, I never use both paths since I don't have "dual sounds". And yes the mixer is also the same level as the A path (+ 3.0 if I remember correct) and off course panned in the middle (or NO pan) since I play mono. In that case what can I do? Should I put the volume of the path B in the mixer ALL the way down? (mute) Can't I have my amp going through both channels of the mixer? Is the volume from path A enough for my patch?


Thanx for the quick response

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Hi, you should mute the stereo channel B in the mixer.

you can also put all fx in front of the amp and the amp before the a/b path, Every fx that you use after the amp, you can put after the a/b path.

If you use only one output the stereo signal is mixed down to mono. But it is reported here by some guys, that the mono output is better if you put every fx in channel a and mute channel b!

Check it out, what is you favour!

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Could it be, that it's got to do with the occasional mono or stereo output of an effect (f.e mono or stereo delay, chorus) ????


Also, what's the ideal setting on the input if using JUST a variax? (f.e input 1 VARIAX, input 2 SAME) ?

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I'm a little confused with what you're writing but THANK YOU for taking the time and effort

Here's the thing.

I have a sound, with wah, comp (usually vetta juice or tube comp), od (maybe 2 in series), then a clean bf lux, then BEFORE THE MIXER, a chorus, a comp again and a delay, then the mixer and a reverb afterwards

Does the thing that I have some fxs before the mixer means I'm splittin things?

Same kind of chain I have too with a dirty amp

Now, I have input 1 source variax, input 2 aux, guitar in Z 1m and inputs setup global

I'm going out from the L jack output (with LINE selected in button) straight into a mono channel in our mixer


Does it look alright?


(can you explain a little more about the "same" output?)



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