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Glitch at certain Patch changes


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I apologize for starting a new thread for each little question..comment

On certain tones while switching to a different patch there is a"carry over" that sounds like a tape warble. It is like the delay carrys from the previous patch and re-sets to the new delay setting on the fly?? Get what I mean? S'up? It is causing me to "take a breath" or find a hole to switch tones, not always convienient.


I am going to add. I used it last night for rehearsal, and my overall evaluation is that it is pretty incredible. Once I got accustomed to editing while playing, it got much easier. I wish the SAVE icon/target was a little larger and that the defualt was "Save Tone To Device". In other words while playing, I would like it to save faster, which I guess could cause problems by saving something you don't want by mistake. Much of what I was doing was adjusting volume, maybe a SAVE icon on the Amp Editor Screen that would always save to the location you are in (Device or Library). So while rehearsing or sound check you could do a quick swipe of the volume bar and tap save. There are the save by switch funcation on the device, which are handy, but operating that function on the fly is like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, for me anyway.


Once again, I LOVE the X3 effects pallet. I plan to use it this weekend on the gig. Will report back after that.


Blessings all, Strato

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I have noticed this as well. When switching from a lead type tone with delay to a sound with no delay but reverb there is that weird transition sound. Is there a way around this? It is the only annoying aspect of using this. Also since I have been using modeling tech for a while is this a problem only unique to the Amplifi and other model tech or something that happens with all delay pedals?

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