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New to HD500X: Need Help With Effect Parameters


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Just got my HD500X and am very pleased with its versatility and sound.


I'm trying to emulate patches from another piece of gear but am confused on some of the settings.


The old gear has a Multi-tap delay. Was hoping that multi-head delay could do the same thing. I'm looking to set taps or "heads" to the following intervals: 200ms, 400ms, 600 ms, and 1000ms, but I could not find individual timing settings in the 500X. Is there a way to achieve this?


Also, I wanted to set the parametric EQ to match: 6300 hz Q 2.0 Gain +6


How might I approximate that specific setting?


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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The FX on an HD500 are the same as those on the M9/M13 series, and while documentation is a bit sparse on the HD500, they are a bit better for the M series. See and in section 1-3 it describes the Multi-head:


Multi Head

Based on the Roland® RE-101 Space Echo, which had multiple stationary heads. You change delay times by switching amongst these heads, and you can play back on multiple heads at the same time to get multi-tap delay effects.

• Knob 1: Delay Time. Displayed in milliseconds or note value.

• Knob 2: Delay Feedback.

• Knob 3: Turns heads 1 & 2 on and off. 

• Knob 4: Turns heads 3 & 4 on and off. 

• Knob 5: Mix.

When using the Multi Head Delay model, you’ll find there are many possible combinations of delay effects, depending on your selection of Head On/Off parameters. It’s best to set a Delay Time first by adjusting Knob 1.

To set a Delay Time to a precise millisecond value, dial in a delay time that’s close to what you want, then fine tune it by pressing and holding Tap while continuing to turn Knob 1. 

As an option you can set Delay Time to a note value by turning Knob 1 clockwise until the 1/4 note symbol is displayed, then Tap in the tempo of your song.

Once your main tempo is set, experiment with different delay repeats by selecting different combinations of the Head On/Off settings, using Knobs 3 and 4. When you have the effect you want, adjust the Delay Feedback amount using Knob 2.


So you have 4 heads, but you can only switch each head on or off and not adjust individual delay times.


The only way that I can see you getting what you want is to have two Multi-head delays on parallel paths - one set to give 200, 400 and 600, the other to give you the 1000.  Not a great solution... you could request a Multi-tap delay with variable delay times on IdeaScale


Eq settings are a black art due especially to frequency being set in Hz (in most cases) and the scale not being documented.  The best resource can be found at which includes response graphs sourced from here


Again this reveals that the parametric eq doesn't go above 4500 hz, and neither do any of the others, but you might be able to get something like what you are after by using the Shift EQ Hi to boost with a shift of 70% or so which should shift the 4K up - no idea whether this gets anywhere close to the Q2.0 you want though.  


You could try IdeaScale... but better EQs has been requested many times before.


Somebody else might have better ideas than me though

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Probably the best way to get Q=2, gain =+6dB at 6300 Hz is to use the Mid-Focus EQ. Use these settings:

LP FREQ: 68 or 69% (one is too high, one is too low, but one of these will get you within 120 Hz or so)

LP Q: 74% (real close to +6.0 dB)

Gain: 12% (unity gain) or 37% (6dB gain), depending on what you meant since Q=2 already gives you a gain of +6dB at resonance


Maybe you don't care about lower frequencies but just in case:

HP Q = 50% (Q=.7, which is a neutral)

HP Freq = 0 (for the widest bandwidth, higher numbers = more LF cut)

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