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Amplifi 150 as a normal amplifier


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Hello everyone.


I´m new in this forums and I hace a doubt about this amplifier. I´m from Mexico so... sorry for the bad english.


The last saturday I bought the amplifi 150, also I have a pod hd500 too.


My doubt is... can I use the ampli 150 as a normal amplifier? Just connecting the Pod hd 500 into the input of the amp?


Another problem that I have, is when I try to edit a preset in the amp, when I turned off the "Reverb" the sounds go off, maybe I´m doing something wrong.


Anyone else hace this problem?


Thank you for the time... and sorry for the mistakes.




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Running the POD HD500 analog outs into the AMPLIFi 150's AUX In is likely the best way to go.


As far as no sound when turning off Reverb, try with headphones per phil's suggestion in this thread to see if you have an issue with the woofer.

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I tried the thing of the headphones and it sounds normaly without the delay and reverb, but when I play without the headphones the sounds downs to cero.


So I guess is a problem with the woofer and I have to go to the store and give it back... Am I right?

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