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Line Connection Advice


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I used my Amplifi 100 this weekend live, more on that later. I have a few connection questions.


First off, I ran my Amp Out ot a DI box to the mains (XLR) and to my montioring amp(1/4"). I had to run my master volume at minimum 75% according to sound tech, levels still seemed low.


1. Do the Amp and Main Outs have the same value, and or sound?

2. Is there a recommended "best way" to adapt the 1/4" Main Outs to XLR.

3. Which is the mono Main Out, or can they be summed by using a Wye cable of some kind?


The Amplifi 100 worked and sounded great with the exception of a side issue. After I was set up and operating perfectly, the sound tech had to power down my side of the stage for a ground loop problem. I switched off the floor unit. Once they,  and I powered back up, the Bluetooth connection was lost and I had to do a hard re-start of the Ipad to get it back, after attempting reconnecting and troubleshooting, all while continuing to go over the set.. This was annoying in sound check....


Edting and balancing was smooth and fast,but, as I posted earlier, it would be nice to have a "Sound Check" screen with a big save button that would save to the patch that is active. It was cumbersome to be playing a part, do a small swipe for adjusting, and have to go through the Save sequence while playing.


Once again, the effects were spectacular, thanks for using the X3 FX.



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1) Yes they are different. The AMP OUT is more EQ'ed for going into the front of a combo amp and contains on;ly the guitar, no BT music stream.

2) The main outs are line level, any balanced 1/4 to XLR should be fine, keeping in mind it is Line Level.

3) Plugging one cable into the L(mono) Main Out it will mono sum the output.

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Does amp out disable the line outs? I ahd a line to an amp and one line to the board. Could get no signal to the board. Opted in the end for the main outs and used onstage monitor. Better signal through the mains.


Strato. PS second time live...getting, nicer all of the time.

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I get a great line out from the Amplifi by connecting the USB output to a powered USB hub, and then attaching a Griffin iMic to the hub. The Amplifi main speaker still works and the output from the iMic is through a stereo jack and is in stereo. A Griffin iMic is essentially an external USB soundcard with analog stereo input and output and so it's very likely other USB analog to digital sound adapters will work (but I haven't tried any others). Incidentally I also attach my iPad to the powered hub (using the USB adapter that comes with the camera adapter package) and I can run Loopy saved loops through the PA for live performance. Loopy output also comes out through the iMic with this setup.

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