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FBV Shortboard Mkii wont work with Pod Hd Pro. URGENT HELP NEEDED


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Hello everyone

I recently bought an fbv shortboard for my pod hd pro.

Unfortunately, when plugging the shortboard in to my pod, it simply isn't being detected at all.
No lights, no functions.

I then hooked it up to my computer via USB were it was detected. I updated all drivers and flash via line 6 monkey.
I couldnt find any help on the internet on how to get the fbv to work with the pod! This is really really disappointing.

However, I then plugged the shortboard into to VARIAX input of my pod (I know this is not were it goes, but i needed to find out, whether the cable worked at all) and the shortboard was detected, but i simply couldnt do anything with it.

Would someone please tell me, what I am doing wrong?

P.S. I tried calibrating the pedal and that wont work (via USB to computer) either.

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I have the Same Problem here, Has anyone solved it?


Necro thread from 2014 fyi. ;)


You need to see if its the HD, FBV or Cable. 9/10 its the cable. If the cable checks out good then check the FBV on your pc via usb and see if its detected. Last step would be to shine a flashlight into the usb posts of the HD and FBV to look for bent pins.

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