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Volumes Of Different Patches.


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I'm completely new to the pod hd 500 and have found that when build tones to use there is a distinct dropin some of the patch tones. I will be using this to play with a touring covers band and need all but a few of my sounds to be set at the same output volume. The others to be louder i.e solo tones etc.


Is there any way of doing this easily? Or will i need to set all tones to the quietest and work from that?


Any answers would be greatly apprieciated.




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you need to set and leave the master volume where you want it... and use the channel volume and gain, as well as everything else to get the volume where you want it...... then save....

this will allow the master volume to raise and lower the volumes of all your patches at the same time.... keep in mind though that you should set those tones at the volumes you intend to use them.

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it's not really the levels that matter... its the perception of those levels....

leveling by a meter of any sort, does not put it in the context you'll be playing... be it rehearsal, practice, gig, etc.


Would it be possible to create a VU meter section by Line 6 ?

It would be easier to set the output level correctly.



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One thing about the HD 500 is that in Line 6's wisdom to give us as many bells and whistles as possible we got some over complexities instead.

There are too many variable for volumes in a patch and your question is one of the first inconsistencies you notice after purchase.

The first error is to change the master volume to match patch levels but if your Amp is screaming your ears to bleed the master volume is your savior. But generally the master out remains at whatever level you set it.

To me Amp tone is created via gain EQ and volume on the Amp block. Some claim that the volume does not effect the tone and this may be true for some but for me these are variables and work in combination to get your amp tone along with the sub menus.

I prefer to use the mixer block in the amp block for volume matching. 

You can download a SPL meter app for your phone or get a hardware version from RadioShack


If you d'load some customtone patches then it becomes a hodgepodge of level mania. I have resorted to putting these patches in a setlist to try out, deleting unless I like what I hear(as there are some tasty tones and FX that I'd never come up with personally) I save to another setlist and  use the mixer page to match volumes with my other patches saving as you go; leaving the the Amp block and FX settings as they are.

Of course you might tone tweak it further for your personal taste. 

Occasionally you find volume created via FX like a compressor first up in your chain. You might need this for your tone and taming the output here might be better than internally clipping other fx down the chain. You do need to use your ears that is for sure.


Ideally it is best to volume match in the same space with the same monitoring amp and speaker.


Discipline yourself to work on a few Amps and FX first and get these working well with your setup. And, not be to eager to import a patch unless it has passed all your criteria before is owns a slot in your setlist.


Testament to how good the HD Amp modeling is responding to every nuance from different guitars to different pickups selected I now rename a patch adding in the guitar and pickup I used. Bit of a pain but it really does answer the question why a patch can sound different when you have tweaked it to your liking and volume matched it some days ago. Ear fatigue is also a factor. The ear has its own built in way of limiting frequencies especially under high volume levels.


Hope this helps. It is a workable way to get on top of it. There may be better ways to do it for you. It's what works for you in the end.

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