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Valve MKII 112: Treble Knob is controlling Channel Volume

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Hello Line 6 community!


I've been using Line 6 for nigh on 12 years now.
I just recently downsized my Valve HD100 to a Valve MKII 112 combo.

Sounds wonderful, I love it, but have this crazy issue:


At first, my channel volume would either "spin" back to about a 3:00 setting if I set it anywhere past 12:00 (this is virtual spinning, as in the software thought I put it there. the knob did not physically move), and before that, it would "spin" to about 9:00 if I set it at any volume and played for about 30 seconds (again, virtual spin, not physical).


I proceeded to reinstall the firmware. The Issue still happened.

I then tried to install the previous firmware (1.17), and the issue was STILL happening.

So, I said, "What the hell," and re-updated to the 2.00 firmware.


At first, I noticed the channel volume wasn't automatically turning to 3:00... In fact, it wasn't responsive at all. Turned it, turned it, and nothing.

I then turned the Treble knob and noticed in the Channel Volume setting in the display window was turning at the same rate and level as the Treble setting....


Definitely a software issue, but has ANYONE else had this phenomenon?


Going to try even more firmware re-updating.

And yes, I have factory-reset at least three times in the process.


Thanks guys&gals

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The Channel Volume will automatically revert to whatever the physical Treble knob location is, i.e. if the preset's channel volume is at 12:00, and the Treble knob on the amp is at 9:00, the Channel Volume will automatically change to 9:00 (seen on the display screen), even if I do not touch the amp. It's like gremlins in the amp brain are twitching the knobs for shiggles.


Also tried using the MKII Edit on my computer to try and bypass any physical "turning of the knobs", but still no joy.

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I know this post is a little bit old, but It's the only one I found that has the same problem that I.

In my case, I have a Line 6 Spider IV 120w and have the same problem. It begans with uncontrolable channel volume Knob, then I reinstalled firmware and did factory reset but the problem now is that the Treble Knob is controlling Volume Knob. Any Idea how to Fix it?

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Make certain that the retainer nuts under the knobs are snug,

not tight, but snug. That is the casing shield for the pots.

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