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Line 6 link AWOL

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We had a gig last Saturday and everything worked as it should fantastic.

We went to our gig tonight and set up everything as usual no changes the line 6 link was dead. The speaker linked to the desk had an L displaying instead of a 1 and the other had what looked like a bit of a 2. I've never seen this before. No sound from anything.


I tried switching it all off and setting up again but nothing worked. We always follow switching rules eg desk speakers > speakers desk. With about five minutes to the gig starting I abandoned it and decided to try standard R & L cabling and it worked fine but I'm really bummed about the link and want to know what went wrong.

My gut feeling is cable but it took the audio for the standard set up no problem so unless it's a weird data thing I'm stumped.

Any ideas or indeed an explanation of the L would be appreciated.

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I will admit that I never went and bought new cables.  I initially had my share of Line6 link issues but for my setup, I've almost always fixed it with swapping out cables.


Through process of elimination I have narrowed it down to the cables that I know are going to work and I haven't had any issues w/ L6 link in a while.

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Make sure you are using high quality AES/EBU cables! I bought a bunch from BestTronics in Tinley Park, IL when I got my M20d; you order them in whatever length you want. I have a pair of 10', a pair of 20', and a pair of 30'. They are excellent and have never given me any trouble; in linking from M20d to L2t's or from HD500 to DT25.


BestTronics AES/EBU


Male to Female 3 Pin XLR AES/EBU Digital Cable using Belden 1800F Cable

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