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Upgrade from HD400 to 500/x?


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Hey, I have recently converted from a board with lots of seperate pedals, to an HD400 with a DL4 in the effects loop.


Absolutely love it. Bought a crate power block as a power amp and it all seems to work together perfectly. However, I want to get rid of the dl4 so i can simply plug in the pod and go. 


Problem is, in some of my songs I use a timed delay, but go from a clean sound, to a crunch sound, to a heavy sound, but want to keep the same time delay with the trails from the previous sound. As far as I know there is no way to do this with the HD400. 


However, Ive been looking at possibly upgrading to an hd500/x. 


Do these offer this? I cant find the info I need browsing. I see in each bank you have patch a,b,c,d and footswitches. Is it possible to use the same footswitches with the same effects whilst switching patches?


Any help would be highly appreciated.


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none of the pods do trails on their own when changing tones... they will keep trails from the loop (as in from your dl4)

if you work from within the same tone... you may be able to get something going with an hd500....

say have one switch programmed to turn off the delay and turn on a tube screamer or whatnot... it will keep trails within the same tone....

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So it seems im probably just as well keeping with what I have? 

I don't know if this is a feature that would be in high demand. Its stressful because its only really one of our tracks that need it. But its one that all of our fans love. It got to number 1 on the iTunes metal chart in July, so its one we kind of have to nail. 

But what your saying about the screamer could be interesting, ive seen that you can set the HD500 to switch between 2 amps by setting a footswitch to mute one amp and go to another, so i could essentially set up like this?

guitar ------ screamer ---------Clean amp------->delay------> AMP

                                       I-----Treadplate ----I


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