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XD55HS question: would like to use this for recording instructional video & Connect to iphone? (yes I'm new)

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Hi everyone. I'm new. I've tried to search this topic and have no clue on any of this - I tried reading the manual but I'm still lost. Kindly give me a hand? I launch video membership websites. My client wants to use the XD55HS headset to make instructional videos. She is a yoga teacher so she'll be using the headset. (important because of the movement of her head!)


So - we want to be able to record the sound via the XD55HS. The video through her iphone5, then upload to her computer


(I'm assuming she has a mac for now - she is away and I have to wait on the answer to that question.


I told her to wait on her purchasing the XD55HS until we know she can record how she wants to. I am a web designer and am trying my best to help her out - and I guess I'm going to have to learn how this all works.


Can you guys tell me what she should do for set up / give product reco's? How does one hook up to the next? 


Thanks everyone - I really really appreciate it.




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The mic itself has nothing to do with the recording; you need an interface to get the signal from the mic to recording device.  


If she's recording directly on the iPhone with the sound as well, I'm not sure if you can choose an external sound source on a video recording app; that's the part you'll need to research.  If you can, then you just need something that goes from the iPhone connection (30-pin or lightning depending on which phone) to XLR (preferred) or 1/4" audio (will also work, maybe the SonicPort?). 


If she's recording the sound on a computer directly, there are plenty of XLR to USB adapters/interfaces.  I've used the Blue Icicle and the Mackie Onyx Blackjack, and they've both worked well for me.

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Sonic Port would be the best way to do it.  But I do believe (although I have never actually tried it) that you could plug the output of a V55 receiver into the headphone jack and get sound on the video.  It would be much harder, especially with a V55 as it has no output level adjustment.

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Thanks for your help guys. 


PI want to be sure that this would be the best way to do it. My client doesn't want to experiment. Purchasing things and not being able to return them would really be a bummer if it didn't work.


She wouldn't be recording sound on her iphone. Honestly all of my other clients were fine with just using the iphone to record their videos, so this is new to me as well. I'm pretty happy that she wants to have her videos sound more professional, but we are both new in this respect and somehow I got the job of trying to figure it out. 


So, to be perfectly honest, anything beyond recording on the phone or a video camera is a totally foreign subject to me. I really need some step by step or where to find the info. 


I'll look into the products mentioned and see if I can make sense of it. 


Thanks again

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If you want to record the sound as a separate file that is not tied directly to the video on the phone itself then you will be going down a much more difficult path.  It certainly can be done, but in that case you can record the sound from the V55 onto anything.  Then you will need to import the video from your phone and the audio from whatever you record it onto into a video editor program and sync them.

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I hope I am not confusing the whole thing. And thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It's frustrating for me as I am more of a software person than a hardware person. 


I want this to be a simplified as I can get - We want to use the Mic to record the audio. 

We want the iphone to record the video

We want to upload the video to the computer.

Editing at a minimum (maybe just trimming if anything)


Does that make more sense? 

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