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presets sound sheet for AxSys 212

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Well, I was going to ask a similar question, but here it is on Page 1 (albeit 2 years later).  So decided to bump it...


I am the original owner of an AxSys 212, probably since 1997.  And when I upgraded it to an AX2 212, there was the opportunity to move the AxSys presets to the User bank.  So I did, which gave me a dual AxSys/AX2 amp...which is very cool.


And the User bank has remained intact for the past 15 or 20 years, ever since the upgrade, on the same battery!


In talking to Line 6 today, I've learned that the User bank will be erased during the replacement of the battery at a Line 6 service dealer.


So I'm looking for anyone that has or knows where to find the "detail" of the factory presets for the AxSys.  Did a detail description ever exist? 


My only other option is to go through the entire User bank and write down every parameter for every setting.  That's 32 x 4 = 128 settings, for who knows how many parameters for any given sound.  It could be a thousand parms.


But these original AxSys presets are great, and unique to the AxSys (the AX2 presets are just as good, but different).  So these original AxSys preset values are worth keeping...I just don't want to have to work that hard unless I have to!  :wacko:




P.S.  And if all the fellow in the OP needed was the names of the different sounds from the sound sheet, I can provide that.  For instance, if he was just after:


AxSys 212 Preset Names



A. Luke Lives

B. AxSys Rules Clean

C. Chunky 5150

D. Super JC Swell



A. Marshall Blues Lead

B. LA Rock Rhythm

C. Slow Leslie

D. Fast Leslie




I can provide that right here.


But I'll wait to see if there is still anybody out there who is interested...lol  :lol:

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I'm very interested. Picked up an AxeSys from a friend and have been looking everywhere for the preset list.

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I picked up a Axsys 212 and have been looking for a list of preset names also.  I have been searching but have had no luck :-(


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You might be able to dig up an old editor for it somewhere. That should be able to list the preset names too. Unfortunately I never got into the AX series so I wouldn't have info in my box of keepers.

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Greetings and such. 

I too would very much love to have the list of preset names.

If at all possible.



I had the original promo foldout laminate booklet and sound chart, that I took home from the music store and held onto for many years.

I always said, one way or another, "I Will" have that amp some day.

Well, it may be 22 years later, but I finally got it. Damned if I know what ever happened to that booklet though. Lmao! :) 


To be clear. I have the original, AxSys 212 not the AX2.

Of the links above: One is not applicable. Two do not work. And one of those would be for the Ax2.


If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time,



I Freekin' Love this amp! Mwhaa Ha ha ha ha ha!

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