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Guitarport with Windows 8?

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I used to love the Guitarport for learning and jamming along with songs. Having the audio player and control of tones in one GUI is convenient. I want to get it going again and will be purchasing a new PC with Windows 8 soon. I know Guitarport is an unsupported dinosaur, but are there W8 drivers for it?

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I cant get it to work under Windows 8.1. Always loved using it too.


I'm using Guitar Port and Line 6 is providing new drivers for win 10 as well as 8.  I upgraded from win 7 to win 10, installed the new drivers but I'm having issues.  Win 10 detects the drivers but none of my recording softwares does...  I tried to uninstall and reinstall with no avail.  A friend in another forum stated that his Tone port is working fine with windows 10.  They use the same driver...

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I am having a similar problem.  Been happily using the port for years on an old PC (still running windows XP) but can't now get the windows 8 to recognise the guitar port.  I've installed the latest drivers and the installation seems to work - but as soon as I open up the software, the computer thinks there's no guitar port attached.  Any suggestions? I do like the guitar port - it's a great piece of kit. 

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