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Old school POD PRO RACK tone swap issues


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Hello all! I recently purchased an old  original Pod Pro Rack on Craigslist. I bought it to record with and am having issues getting other tones loaded onto it. The other guitarist in my band uses a Pod XT Pro rack to record with and I am wondering if it's possible to get his tones onto my incredibly old rack? We had to read the respective manuals for our units and tried to send his tones to my rack via MIDI cable. We sent his patches but we couldn't tell if they made it to my rack or not. If it did work I have know idea how to access the tones he sent. It seems that just the stock presets from my unit are all there is. My screen said "9 D" at the time we sent the patches. Is that what the tones would be under? Am I doing anything wrong or are our two Pods incompatible due to their age difference? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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It is not going to happen my man. I have both myself and the two units are independent of each other - aside from being pretty and red :)


The Pod can do some great sounds and to an extent I still use it as a great grab and go multifx into the ole power amp - I use an Art X-15 or the trusty R-Tron Midimate as the controller FWIW. The XT (with the model packs - a must buy imho) is a whole different level of knob twisting but the older Pod can do clean to metal easily.


Line6 Edit can be used to edit in some pretty good tones so I would record your buds tones for your PC and edit yours to see what you can come up with. When having a 2nd axe in the band I would always use a different tone to fill in the tonal gaps anyway.


Welcome to the forums btw!


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