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2.0 Issues


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I have updated my fx100 to 2.0 using the PC plugin and it now won't output any sound at all. No guitar signal, no music via Bluetooth. I have tried phone out, amp out, main out, all are dead.


I reverted back to 1.01 and it works again. I then used ios to update to 2.0 and the same thing happened.


I have now gone back to 1.01 and am staying there for now. Its annoying because I want to use my Android Tablet.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Yeah, I did that the first time.


I tried it all again through the PC and now it is working.


The first time i noticed when I put it into update mode the pedal value didn't come up. This time i did it the same thing happened.


I turned it off and unplugged the usb cord and then re did the update mode and then it worked properly. Perhaps I wasn't in update mode for the previous attempts. Anyway, all good now! Thanks for you reply!



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