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Problem with feedback


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Hello everyone. I have a noise problem.

I have my POD HD500 connected to a stereo power amp and 4 x 12 speackers.

When we play with my band in rehearsals, to be playing a chord, this is not ringing and then I get feedback.

I POD input 1 set to "Guitar" and input 2 to "Variax". The impedance is set will at 230K.

My guitar has pickup Bill Lawrence XL500, which are not very noisy. The pickup height is correct. All cables are in perfect condition.

It bothers me that I can not play a chord without the feedback appears, and it hurts to have good sustain.

I attached my preset.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Sorry for my English.

mesa sala.zip

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Hi There,


I am not sure how much this is going to help you but here goes..... The HD500 is not here so I can't load up your patch.


If the problem is only when you are playing relatively clean have your stack off to the side and not pointed at you guitar, amp feedback can be like PA feedback. The amp is pumping everything back at your pu's.


If you are going for heavy distortion/crunch the above will help too. If that is not the case you can dial back the gain on your pre amps. IMO at loud volumes 90 - 95% gain is too much and that is w/o a distortion pedal pumping the gain up more.




Ohh forgot to add:  set patch to input1 -> guitar and input2 -> variax

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Thank you all for your responses.



feedback happens when the sound volume coming from the cab speakers is too much for the ambience/room where you are playing into, and it depends also on your position relative to the same cab..


no sustain??.. noise gate can kill sustain with inappropriate settings, and in your patch you have 2 of them one very close to the other!!

personally I hate noise gates, but if I have to use one (and not more than one) there are only 2 possible places where I could put it: at the beginning of the chain just after the guitar, or after the amp model..


the noise gate settings are very important, they should be changed case per case, and depends on where you put it and on which instrument is connected


Usually hi-gain tones require a minimum noise gate. I'll try putting the noise gate after second amplifier.

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