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Systemwide issues after installing POD farm

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I installed POD farm two days ago, and ever since then, CoreAudio has been freaking out and needing to be relaunched almost every ten minutes, my Smartelectronix "Ambience" plugin no longer works in Audacity nor even shows up in GarageBand, and that's a major problem. I need that plugin.


I need to know what exactly POD farm changed on my system so I can change it back.






MacBook Pro 13" Mid-2011, OSX 10.10

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Offrhode92- hello . I may have similar issues to those you describe above but with different programs. however it seems we have different operating systems and are you still getting these issues? Below is a copy of a support ticket i raised with L6 but they are still to reply.


Operating System is Windows 8.1. I use Pod Farm 2 latest version with UX1 but also use the UX1 as a soundcard for other programs. I use either Roni Amazing Slow Downer or Transcribe to rehearse and learn. I also may use  Videolan VLC Media Player to watch and play against tuition videos. I use these and listen through headphones often so I need to be able to play them all into one source. Just to be clear I only use one of these other programs at a time together with Pod Farm 2.  I use the MME Drivers of the UX1 so there is no conflict with the Assio Drivers used by Pod Farm. This set up all worked fine in Vista but now with W 8.1 it works and then crashes all the time and will not work again until I re-boot the computer. All of the above progs work fine in W 8.1 when used as standalone but will only work for a short time with the Pod Farm and UX1. They are all compatible version for Wind 8.1. I have contacted Microsoft about the problems but they have referred me back to you stating that its a 3rd party Driver issue. Everything works well until I come to route the other progs through the UX1 when Pod Farm is in use. They all still work correctly with Vista so my UX1 is not the issue and still works correctly. I can supply the transcript of the support I received from Microsoft. This is the 2nd ticket i have taken out on this issue as the first one seems to have disappeared.

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