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Flex III Plus electronics vs. Flex III XL

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A technical question!  Hopefully some seasoned users will know, or perhaps Line 6 still participates in this forum?


Can I switch the electronics inside a Flextone III Plus with a Flextone III XL?


In my research on the 'net, I did find the schematic for the Flex III here: http://music-electronics-forum.com/t33076/

Simply scroll down the page until you see where a user has listed the "schematic"


I made note of the last page, where there is a diagram of part # 35-00-0149 called the FT3 SPEAKER OUTPUTS PCB.  On this schematic, it mentions the use of a JP-1 Jumper slection:

1) 2 x 12 Stereo - Install

2) 1 x 12 Mono - Do Not Install

3) 1 x 12 Plus - Do Not Install


...on both my 2 x 12 and 1 x 12 Plus, this JP-1 Jumper most definitely appears to be installed in contrast to what is written!  It looks like a resistor at the JP-1 location.  There is also a note about "Pull-up on Signal on Main Board for Stereo = Low" vs. "Mono = Hi"


Thank you in advance for any help you can offer...

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Thanks for the reply - I understand what you are saying, and I agree with you.


The Flex III XL and the Flex III Plus appear to be the exact same amplifier, except one model has two speaker cables coming from it and the other model has one speaker cable coming from it.  I have long suspected this similarity, and I want to confirm it before doing any sort of swapping between the two.


The Flex III Plus is most definitely a stereo 150 watt amplifier - it's just that it only has a single 12" speaker that operates at 75 watts...

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As far as I know, the Plus turns into a stereo amp as soon as you plug into the external speaker jack.  It sends 50 watts to both the internal and the external becoming a 100 watt stereo rig.  I think you should be able to connect the internal speaker connections to one of the speakers in the 2X12 and connect the other speaker to the external speaker jack with a jumper cord.  Should work fine.

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I have a Flextone III Plus, and as far  as I've seen It's the same as an XL, just with one speaker.

I'm thinking you could just bypass the normal speaker connection wires and hook both speakers to the two

speaker jacks on the rear. That is assuming you are putting the Plus electronics into an XL cab.

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