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Usb Too? Or Just 30 Pin/lightning?

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The Apogee JAM and Ampkit LiNK HD both support USB modes (and USB cables) for use with a computer as well as the 30 pin connectors. What about the Sonic Port?


I use a USB hub/CCK on my iPad to allow both audio and midi USB devices to be connected. Hoping that a USB cable for the sonic port would be available and if so, I would purchase one. Thanks for any info.

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Do you want to record the audio from the mobile pod amp? If yes, do some research with regard to the limitations of recording the mobile pod app within other ios apps. As far as I am aware only garage band has some limited functionality, unless someone at line6 knows anything different.

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Nah, don't care about the mobile pod app. Just looking for an interface that has the ins and outs that the sonic port provides to use with other apps. I like the specs on the sonic port better than Ampkit LiNK HD (24 bit vs 16 bit). Although, just realized that I overlooked the fact that the sonic port doesn't have hardware level controls for the input/output. That may be a deal breaker after all.


Edit: Meant sonic port, not mobile in.

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Line6 SonicPort best buy! It just works great! Whether IOS with GarageBand or Mobile POD App by thomann Line6.
On the Mac also with GarageBand, Audacity and Guitar Rig 5
On the PC WIN + Audacity + Guitar Rig 5
On the PC + Linux + Audacity
Operation Line6 Sonic Port (simple version, without VX).
It can also be operated on the Mac or PC thomann as the Sonicport VX. You only need the USB cable from the VX or you change the supplied IOS device cable (for example the old iPhone / iPad cable with the 30-pin connector if you already newer Apple devices with Lightningkabel possesses)
Line 6 SonicPort (without VX) Pin assignment 30-pin connector (iphone thomann old)
The cable is double shielded. Under the umbrella braid is:
Blue Pin1 GND
Pin 11 audio select (open = IOS device uses onboard speaker, if connectet to GND = onboard speaker silent, IOS device sends audio
Via pin 3-4
Screen fl. Pin 15 + 16 GND
Brown Pin thomann 21 Accessory Indicator
Under the second shield (aluminum foil) are the USB cables:
Red Pin 18 + 5V (3.3V)
White Pin 25 -Data
Green Pin 27 + Data
Black Pin 30 GND
The 30-pin connector (iPhone old plug) can be disconnected for operation on a PC or Mac. It thomann only the 4 USB lines (red, white, green, black) are needed and must be soldered to a USB plug. The shielding braid is soldered to the outside of the USB housing. The wires blue, purple and brown are not needed. Attention! Do not mix connections and observe polarity. USB pin assignment see Internet.
USB plug:
Pin 1 red
Pin 2 white
Pin 3 green
Pin 4 black
Operation to Mac via USB port and e.g. GarageBand tested.
Operation on PC + Win 7 via USB port and e.g. Audacity and Guitar Rig 5.
Operation on PC + Linux Ubuntu and Audacity tested.
Best Buy! Who thomann the Micro does not need, comes with the Sonicport (without VX) best
And saves half.
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Hi there.

I'm tried a hack with Sonic Port (non-VX).

I'm cut 30 pin connector and soldered USB, but got terrible latency in ASIO4All v2 driver in Cubase on Windows 7.

I'm tried to install VX drivers but they don't work.

Which divers do you use?

I would be grateful about any info about compartible drivers.





My English maybe is terrible, sorry, I'm russian.

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