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"Drive" knob and Changing Amp Models


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Not really sure if this is an issue or not but curious to know if others run into this.


I normally have the "drive" knob on the HD500x set to about 15%.  I usually use an AC30 model.  But when I mess around a bit and try different amps out, the amps all seem have high gain on them when I switch to them.


Then if I turn the "drive" knob to zero and back to 15% again, it's all fine.


Question;  should I just leave the drive knob at zero all the time, since I use a screamer for overdrive anyway?  Would this really affect my clean sound if I did? It doesn't seem to.  Is there a reason the amps all seem high gain when I switch to them but then seem normal when I switch the drive from zero back to15 again?

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I believe that when you select a new amp model a set of default values for the amp parameters is loaded, replacing the current values based on the knob positions. The value will only correspond to the knob position when you move the knob again.


What you describe reflects this. Despite the fact that the knob is at 15%, the Drive value is reset to the particular amp's default value when you select a new amp. This will generally be higher than 15% for high gain amps. Then when you move the knob you are able to reset the Drive value to any desired level.

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