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Am I right in thinking that there is a limit of 30 on the number of tones that can be displayed in a search for tones. It seems that whatever I search for in a tone search returns on,y 30 examples. For example I have used "rock", "Jazz" and "acoustic" as my search criteria and they all return exactly 30 examples.


Secondly is there any way of using a wild card to display there entire database of tones?

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Hi meekie61,


Yes, you are correct, there is a limit of 30 tones in the search.


There is no "wild card" to display the entire database of tones.


We have a established a webiste called "Ideascale" where you can request for this to change and make any other recommendations for future AMPLIFi revisions. People have made some great suggestions, but at first glance, nobody else has noticed this 30-tone limit. Here is the link to the AMPLIFi category, if you wish to contribute your suggestion to the right people:



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