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I have a brand new Sonic Port VX and while it works great with the mobile pod app and other software, I find that when I plug in the mini USB cable supplied and connect that cable to my iPhone charger that I get the "this accessory may not be supported" warning and my device will not charge. This happens with both my iPhone 5s and my iPad mini. Both have iOS 8.1.1 installed though this also happened before I updated from 8.1 as well. I am using the supplied cables and have also tried different chargers but with no joy.

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Hi head-monkey,


Other users have reported success after following the instructions provided in a Sonic Port VX support doc. You should try the following:


Check your iPhone or iPad to be sure the latest version of the iOS operating system is installed update if necessary, instructions to do so can be found HERE. Disconnect the Sonic Port interface from the iOS device side of the connection and reconnect it, making sure the Sonic Port’s iOS cable is firmly connected to the Sonic Port first then connect it to your iPhone,iPod, or iPad’s device’s 30 pin or lightning input . Check Settings > General > Accessibility, and then turn Mono Audio off. If the interface is still not being recognized by your Apple® device, it may be necessary to backup and restore your current iOS installation using Apple®’s instructions located HERE.


Hope this helps.

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