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JTV-59 into HD500x Alternate tuning problem

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Hey all. Just got my 59 yesterday and I love it except when using the alt tunings I can still hear the standard notes about as loud. It's definitely not just the string volume it is coming through all the patches. I've flashed the firmware 3 times and tried all the 500x input and variax settings and set the mags to 0 in Workbench and no luck. Am I missing something or do I have a problem?

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Try Change the HD500X input setting to "Variax"  ( not "Variax Mags")   - this should kill any Normal PU bleedthrough


Read the detalls in the HD500X Advanced Guide


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Make sure that your HD500X Input settings do not include Variax Mags. Also make sure that you are not using a Variax model that has been customized in Workbench to include a mix of the mag pickups.


I know you can't imagine that you are hearing the normal acoustic string vibrations, but they are usually discovered to be the source of the problem - especially by those who are so convinced that it can't be that they don't test for it. To test, record a short clip of the sound. If the playback of the recording includes both standard and alternate tuning, then there is a problem. If the playback only has the altered tuning then what you are hearing is the natural acoustic vibrations. Please test and let us know the result.

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I just started doing customizing on the JTV over the last couple days; way cool! I can't believe it took me so long to start using Workbench HD!


I had wanted to dial in some "5 string" Keith Richards style open tunings. I can say, that setting the low E string volume to 0 definitely works, the note is just gone. Now I gotta learn the corresponding open chord shapes, to play in the various open keys, but the sound was stellar.


Key is to play the amp loud enough so that you cannot hear the acoustic sound of the notes being played on the actual guitar.


I just lived with the stock models, did the update, never rolled back, etc. I always noticed that huge volume jump between the mags and the models, just never realized how easy it would be to mostly balance the levels. I get that the model it represents is being accurate by being lower in volume, but for use with similar patches, having the ability to swap between the various models and not need to re-dial in the HD500 patch each time, is definitely cool.


There is a resonator model that is really nice, I like it better than either of the two 12-string acoustic guitars, so I moved it and another reso model over to the acoustic bank, and put the two 12 string acoustics in the reso bank. I also had not paid any attention to the two custom banks; you can do a cool mashup of your five favorite guitar models.


I also started to realize the logic behind how you set your models on a JTV59 - which has a 3 way switch with a toggle, meaning one model will always be in that center position whether the blue light toggle knob is on or off. This also sets up instances where you set a pair of models in an A/B type configuration, say in the first slot, with the alternate being the same position, but with the blue light toggle engaged.

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