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Headphones plugged in - only music plays when streaming from app, no guitar

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Finally playing around with this after the Android update...first thing I did was put some music locally on my phone and start playing some tunes and jamming along.  I plugged in some headphones and went to continue playing but the only sound coming out of the headphones was the streaming music.  There was no guitar whatsoever.  I jacked the guitar volume up to 100% but still nothing.  I turned the music off and still nothing.  After unplugging the headphones and plugging back in I started getting the guitar as usual.  I tried to then play music via the Amplifi app as before and it started but then the guitar cut out!  I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong but I get the feeling that for some reason this is not supported.  Does anyone know definitively?

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Its the amplifi 75...us city dwellers need this feature! And my headphones sound sound better than the amp so that's my preferred way to play by myself but would love to jam along with tracks.

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