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Hello there,
I've been happily using the POD HD PRO X rack unit until today, when the POD HD PRO X Edit started to take longer than expected to load and not actually syncing with my unit anymore.

I've tried to reinstall the drivers, the software, the Monkey and read about some firmware updates. So far I can't really use the unit: my Mac Pro with OS X 10.8.5 from today will not recognise the unit anymore, won't allow Line6 Monkey to start (bounce forever in the dock untill it needs to be quit forced) and it looks like the drivers in the System Preferences will freeze the system preferences panel by making it "not responding".


Never had so many issues before, I mean never. What did I do between yesterday and today in my daily workflow? Nothing. Just recording the usual stuff on Logic Pro X (used the Pod Hd Pro X btw), and then mixed a session in Pro Tools 9.0.5.


Once again, been doing this for months and no problem so far. Today it just stopped.


No internet connection on my studio Mac Pro unit, so I really have no idea how to solve it.

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Hold on everybody, after reinstalling everything three times, I accidentally left the POD HD PRO X waiting for the EDIT software to start, once started it didn't sync nor saw my unit, but after lefting it loading for some minutes it recognised it and synced. At that very moment I launched the Line6 Monkey which now recognised the unit and performed the flash update and checked on my system preferences if it was recognised.


It looks like that it all WORKED only if I launched Pro Tools FIRST (I use a digi003 connected via spdif to the hdprox unit).


Weird. Working for now, not sure it will last.

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