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PF: can I insert a hardware send and return in my signal path?

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Hi Dennis,


               At the moment I can only see ways involving some other equipment. I'll mention them in case you might be interested in going this way. I think these two ways should work, but there might be something I haven't thought of - but anyway:


The first would mean going from guitar to pod farm in the normal way, then having a 'dual tone' on Pod Farm, and mic and guitar selected as inputs. You would need a convertor or Direct Box or something to change the signal coming out from the device (ux2 or whatever you are using) into a mic signal level. It then would go back into pod farm via the Mic input (not through a mic - you would just be using the mic input to bring the guitar signal back in). Then this signal would go along the 2nd channel path in Pod Farm (i.e. the bottom path in a dual tone setting - the top path would be where the original guitar input would go) and other effects/amps could be placed there.


The second way would be similar but go guitar - convertor - line in - pod farm - out to another convertor, into your peddles, another convertor :)  , line in (other channel).


You probably are really only wanting a straight in out method though. I'll have a think if I can think of any other ways of doing it.


God Bless,



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