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Unable to log into Monkey / Variax workbench.

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I have tried repeatedly to log in to the Monkey Variax USB system, and it keeps telling me it is unable to log in, to disable popup blockers, antivirus software....

I don't have any of those things engaged anyhow.  I use a Mac and never get issues with pop-ups or virus problems.

I am using a Macbook with OSX.6.8

The problem I need to rectify is that a couple of sounds on my 89F sound very weird, so I want to do a factory reset / flash restore, or something along those lines to make it go back to original settings.

Have any of you encountered this problem? How do I get around it?

If I am unable to log in, is there another way to force it to restore?

I can't use the 12 string acoustic sounds as they sound all echoey, and there are a couple of others, that sound horrid compared with my 69, all of which are sounds I need for my band.

Cheers folks.

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Hi kenmac1,


First off, what version of Monkey are you using? You have to have at least Version 1.64 for it to work with OSX.6.8

Here's a link to the latest version dowload:


You can give your JTV a factory reset manually, without Line 6 Monkey by following these steps from the manual:


Factory Reset Options

If, for some reason, or just for the sheer mad joy of it, you would like to restore the 50* factory settings on the Guitar Model Selector knob or a specific preset or all presets on the Alternate Tuning knob/roller, here’s how you do it. Warning: This will erase ALL settings prescribed within the options below. So be sure to ask yourself “Do I really want to do this?†If the answer is yes, go on ahead with your bad self.

NOTE: Factory reset will not restore the Custom 1 or Custom 2 banks. The only way to restore those is to reload the flash memory via Line 6 Monkey.

To Reset Guitar Model Selector:

1. Set the Pickup Selector Switch to it’s middle position,


2. then press and hold the Guitar Model Selector knob while you plug in a 1/4†cable to power up the guitar. Your Guitar Model Selector LED and Alternate Tuning LED will both flash red.


3. Next, press and hold the Guitar Model Selector knob again. The Guitar Model Selector LED will flash red, rapidly 3 times, indicating all 50 guitar models in the Guitar Model Selector memory locations are now restored to factory settings.


Guitar will now return to normal operation.

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couple of problems

when i try to update my usb device firmware it tells me I'm not connected .

it states also the version of  firmware that is installed is not known

i have also not been able to write any thing to custom 2 either on the ax or thru workbench

can you assist


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I use a Mac and never get issues with pop-ups or virus problems.


That will be because you have been lucky; contrary to popular belief Macs are not immune to infection:

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yeah... mostly because a hacker would rather target 85% of the worlds computers....

infecting a small fraction of 15% of the market place doesn't equal the same as a small fraction of 85% of the market place...

those pop-ups generate fractions of a penny each... you need lots of those to equal real money... which is their goal.

apple is far from immune... just not that attractive of a target...


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@joecozzi:  All JTV guitars with flash memory v1.80 and newer no longer have this factory reset procedure available.



Factory Reset and Updating the Flash Memory

Q: Why doesn't the Factory Reset procedure described in the manual work?
A: The reset procedure described in the JTV manual was removed from the JTV guitars to make room in the memory for the Variax HD Acoustic models that were added in flash memory update v1.80. All JTV guitars with flash memory v1.80 and newer no longer have this factory reset procedure available.

To perform a factory reset, re-install, rollback, or update the flash memory on the James Tyler Variax guitars, please use the following link:

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Some users on this thread have been having issues with logging into monkey. Perhaps their suggestions will help resolve the matters:


Suggestions from that thread:


1. Try deleting the contents of the following folder:

    Users/(YourUserName)/Library/Application Support/Line 6/Line 6 Monkey
    Make sure that you don't know have any of the Line 6 applications open and running when you delete these files. After moving

    them to your trash and emptying your trash, re-launch Line 6 Monkey and try again to connect and download your available



2. Some people have found that the update from the app is not working properly. Uninstalled the update tool and re-installed the latest version from the line6 web site. That fixed their problem.


3. Some have mentioned that their antivirus software has a web URL check feature. If this is enabled, it will block the connection attempt for whatever reason. When they turned this feature off, a connection was made instantly.

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I had the same issues trying to update both the Variax USB interface itself and the JTV guitar firmware.  The Monkey said the Variax USB interface version was "unknown" and would not recognize the JTV until I took out the battery and put it back in.  It would say the firmware failed to install, but after I restarted my computer, Monkey showed the newest version was installed.  When I opened Workbench HD the names of every preset were all "??????".  After reinstalling the newest firmware, it finally worked.


Basically, nothing worked the first time, I just had to fiddle and try again several times, which is frustrating. Once it works, these are fantastic products with a great sound and customization. 

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