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Spider Amp Preset List


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The user gary9605 post in a comment the link to Spider Amp Preset List. I have not account at Docstoc, but with the preview in full screen I've copied the 19 pages and did a .pdf file. And I want to share it with anybody who thinks is helpful. This is the link: Spider II-III-Jam Presets.

I've being checking the info and I still can't understand why Line 6 don't publish that kind of documents.


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Wow. Thanks for all that work making that spread sheet...


I didn't know this Spider Jam amp had all those Song Presets.


I'm a new user and a old fart.  How do we access the Song Presets? 


Thanks again


Turn the wheel (Select Knob) or use the 4-way Navigation Button. The list of patches in file are orderer. Regards and don't hesitate question.

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Oh Crud !

I seen the word SONG presets thinking they were songs we could JAM to, not STYLES


ha ha




I sent you an email too...   sorry to bug you!


Don't worry, we are here to help us each other. I expect the file could be useful for you and the rest.

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