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2 Wifi Networks, 3 XD-V mics... Asking for trouble ?

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So I currently have 3 of the older X2 Digital wireless mics. We NEVER have any dropout issues, but they have been dropped too many times and starting to "act up".
Looking at replacing them with three of the newer XD-V units, but I'm afraid if I do, I'm asking for trouble based past experience and  what I have read about wifi interference. Previously, I used to use a Relay G30 with my guitar and found that it would completely overtake my wifi network. Realizing that we rely heavily on our wifi network, and these mics use the same tech from that G30 I previously owned, I decided to do some research and what I have read so far is giving me 2nd thoughts.


We use 2 wireless networks. One is for our Presonus mixer, so devices connected to this wifi access point will definitely be within close proximity of the mics. We have 5 wireless devices connected to this network. The other is a "general" network connection used by staff for laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. Both networks operate in the 2.4ghz band and there are lots of older devices connecting to them that don't support 5ghz wireless.


I have seen charts here that support my concerns that, between the 2 wifi networks, and the 3 mics, there will likely be no way around some interference.
For instance, these are supposed to be the safe "line 6 channels" for the listed wifi channel:

Wifi Channel 1:   1,12

Wifi Channel 6:   2, 6

Wifi Channel 11: 5,8,9


So if my networks are setup on channels 1 and 6, Wifi channel 1 will interfere with with channels 2-6 and wifi channel 6 will interfere with 1,3-5, & 7-12. Any combination you choose, all of the line 6 channels will clash with at least one of the two wifi networks.


Other than replacing our wifi routers and all the devices connected to them with 5ghz units, or going with traditional wireless mics from another manufacturer, do I have any other options?
I LOVE our old X2 wireless systems, they have given me years of service, but the quality standards were not up to par. The newer relay units feel like they are built more solid. I really hope to be able to stay with line 6 when I replace them, but I cant spend up to $1,800 on these 3 mics with the very real possibility that it would cause issues with our personal monitor mixing and remote FOH mixing.

How do the RF1 vs RF2 modes play into all this?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's a more detailed explanation of how Line 6 XDV wireless works in the same space as wi-fi ...  


Your application is why we designed RF2 mode.  If you are willing to switch your existing wi-fi channels to say 1,2 and 3 then you should be able to use three XDV's operating in RF2 mode.  Even better would be to switch one or two of your existing networks over to 5G (especially the one for your Presonus system as it would likely make that one more reliable and double the throughput speed.  Thats a lot of fixing for $69.

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