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SD card in my M20D

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Nearly 10 Commandments for SD Cards


Thou shall ...

- avoid fake cards and buy known brands from a reputable dealer in original sealed package

- use class 10 labeled cards only

- not trust in class 10 but measure the write perfomance on your own 

- verify the writability with multiple write test on the full capacity of the card

- do not use micro SD with adapter

- format often in the M20d or with SDFormatter4
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I have tried brand new SD cards 4gb from best buy, I was able to get one card (4gb) recorded with mp3 music to work for a gig break music. I had to convert the music to mp3, but I cannot record the band in the recording mode with any of the new cards, they are 32 fat formatted, not sure about the class 10 no where on the card does it say that and what is a high speed card? They are PNY premium cards.

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