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Amplifi TT For My Studio Guitar Processor - Thoughts?


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I'm a current Dream Rig owner (JTV-69, HD500, DT25) and I'm thinking the TT is an ideal in-studio recording and practice unit. 


I've got a small studio and can't leave the HD500 out all the time, and I'd like to take advantage of the tone-matching in the Amplifi unit, which I can use to inform my programming of the HD500 if I take a tune to a gig.  With the USB output (or stereo analog out to my recording unit) I can put the TT in my rack, use it for outboard effects for recording and tone matching for practicing.  


I could instead get a HD Pro (expensive, no tone matching or cloud, but compatible patches with the 500), or a used XT Pro (no tone matching, same models, but less of them, can be controlled from my mac, but a legacy product.)


Or, if I spent just $75 more, I could get an Amplifi 75, then have a second amp, but it wouldn't record without micing.  


What would you do? 

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The price of the TT also is much less prohibitive - $200 vs $600!  This may be the main factor for me.  I can get the HD500 out and use it if I must, so the HD Pro offers convenience and compatibility, but no new functionality.  The TT offers the new functionality, but uses less sophisticated modeling and I can't directly transfer tones to the 500.  I can, however, use the same re-modeled gear and settings on the HD, manually, and hopefully achieve a similar result. 

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