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no such thing as a dumb question...


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so...even though there's 2 speakers @ 8ohms...thats what ya'd use

not sure you are going to be able to do what you think here.  Fender has no built in ability to use it as a separate speaker cabinet.  you would have to rewire the speakers with a jack to be able to connect to the DT and then you would have to be able to figure out the total impedance to be able to use it correctly with the DT internal speaker or even as a totally separate speaker cabinet.  You may be better off taking the DT25 cab simulated direct out into the FX return of the Fender amp. 


The reality is you are going to be very surprised at how loud a DT 25 is compared to your Fender.  It will rock your socks off.  If you need more volume at any point with the DT make sure you are in class A and pentode and if using a POD with L6 link, select topology III.  Even better still is take your cab sim out to the mixer and put your guitar in the FOH mix.

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