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Line 6 EDIT - Logo starts, no program launch (win 7)

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hi all, 


thought after years of owning the vetta 2 HD that i would try out monkey and EDIT. unfortunately it wouldn't launch.  The line 6 logo pops up for about 3 seconds then the logo disappears and then nothing. task manager says nothing is running.


im running windows 7 64 bit and have heard that may be the issue? i installed the java that line 6 edit recommends (believe its 6?)


tried to uninstall and reinstall and all that to no avail, 


did some research and couldn't find any answers....

any help would be great.


thanks! :)

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uninstall java and edit... reinstall edit.. it should get the version of java it wants...

not sure if that will 100% work, but that worked for others.

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