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Cannot connect line 6 money or linense manager

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I have purchased a new computer solely for the purpose of recording.  The line 6 gear box, pod farm, monkey and license manager are the first things I have installed.  Every time I try to connect log in with the monkey or the license manager I keep getting error code 8000200b telling me I do not have a connection to the internet, though I clearly have a connection seeing as I am writing this post.  If I do recall the line 6 monkey and license were extremely problematic on both of the other computers I previously had used the software with.  It is a shame since the tones and gear sound so good. I am a loyal line 6 guy. I've even purchased all of the expansion packs. 

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maybe you have some security software or firewall preventing connection... line6 software also doesn't like satellite internet if that's the case.

you don't say what hardware you have either, and probably won't make a difference to your connection.... but download the driver package as well.

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