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I'm thinking about buying the FX100 as a solution both for home recording and rehearsals. I'm using guitars in various standard tunings (i.e. standard, two-steps down, 4-steps down and so on). I couldn't find an answer in the knowledge base so,


Does the FX100 has a pitch shifter in it? Not a harmonizer, but a pitch shifter that will allow me to change tunings with the same guitar.


Thanks :)

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Nope, there's not really anything that will allow you to do that sort of polyphonic shifting. There is the Bender effect which a monophonic pitch shifter, but it will glitch out pretty quickly if you try doing anything but single notes.

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Hello omnius666,


What you are looking to do can be achieved with our James Tyler Variax guitars. You have 11 instantaneous alternate tunings on board and you can customize your own. Perfect for stage or studio. Check out this killer video of the JTV (and other Line 6 products) in action:




Here's another killer video of various alternate tunings in one song:



More info:



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