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Tuner option Greyed out in IOS App


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I'm having a few issues. 


First as the title of the thread states When I'm in the Amplifi app the Tuner option is greyed out and unavailable.


Second, When I load and play a song the tones for the song load but it doesnt seem to change the sound of the guitar.  I can cycle through the 4 presets on the actual amp with the tone button but there doesn't seem to be any way for me to get a tone to change using the app.  Having Castles made of Sand by Hendrix and Am I Evil by Metallica sound the same seems to defeat the purpose of the whole thing. It seems like the app isn't controlling the amp at all


I have an Amplifi150 paired to my ipad and I can hear the songs and play guitar directly from the Amp, the tones just don't change.


Third, I also have the Line 6 Mobile Keys 49 but I can't get that sound to go out through the bluetooth to the amplifi amp.  Is there any way to do that instead of using headphones or the ipad speakers because it isn't nearly loud enough even at max volume.



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Hi Rex_Mundi,


From what you describe, it sounds like the Remote App is not paired properly to the AMPLIFi cab.


Make sure that when you start the app, that in the Main Menu under AMPLIFI 150, it says "connected" rather than "none." You may have to start the process over by closing the app and "forgetting" the device in the bluetooth settings, then re-pairing to make sure, 100% that your are good to go.


Regarding #3, what sound generating app are you using? I know that if  you are using Garageband, for example, you need to engage the "Airplay - Bluetooth" switch in the Setting menu (the wrench symbol at the top right of GB). If AMPLIFi is paired properly you will be able to hear sound through AMPLIFi


Let me know if you have any more questions.

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In Music Studio, if you go to the "Setup" menu and look under "Audio" you'll see a box for 'Bluetooth / Airplay.' If you select that box you'll be able to play Music Studio through your AMPLIFi unit. Keep in mind Bluetooth output and audio recording exclude each other on iOS. Bluetooth mode will be disabled if you record an audio track.

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