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Wanted: Drummer/Digital Drums for My Guitar Tracks (Will Pay)


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hey everyone

I'm a guitarist who records with my Line 6 UX1 and POD Farm, and I'm looking for someone to do some drum tracks for me. A drummer or someone who can program drums for an online collaboration for 2 or 3 songs, even if its programmed drums or a MIDI file I can edit that would work as well, and I'm willing to pay. I'm recording some originals and covers in Reaper and I need drum tracks for the songs. Hard rock/metal songs for now probably one original and one cover. You need to be able to record your drums in your home studio or studio with good quality and be able to send the tracks to me over the internet so I can record guitar with what you played! Please let me know! E-Mail me we can talk over email, facebook, or by phone. It doesn't matter where you live.


Here's some other songs I did with my band, Caidema, to show you the kind of style I play in:



Thank You


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I suggest you buy toontrack EZDrummer and do it yourself and have complete artistic control.  A pro drummer plays the MIDI patterns.  You really need to have a basic drum track down first (can be super basic and the same pattern for several minutes if you wish) and THEN record guitar on that (separate tracks) so everything is in sync.  Then you go back and get more elaborate with drum fills, other drum patterns later.

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