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Loading patch backup with Armins' toolkit installed. Can I??


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Have two Vettas. (Wolf now only has one!!)


1. 2.03 unmodified with all of my patches backed up none of them with anything Armin on.

2. 2.05 with Armin's toolkit.  I wish to use my bulk patch backup from amp 1 to load on amp 2.  Can I?

Have read horror stories of edit freezing Vettas when working with patches BUT IS THIS JUST PATCHES WITH ARMIN'S CABS IN???  Would consider just reloading 2.5 without Armin but monkey appears not to see any firmware since Line 6 have removed it although I have a copy of 2.5.  Have also read that Edit 3 and Armin's toolkit cause freezes; this appears catastrophic to me if there is no way of reinstalling unmodified firmware.

Answers need not necessarily be on a postcard but it would be great to hear from someone who has experience of the issues involved and sorted them.  I am assuming Armin himself is nowhere to be found?!


Thanks in advance for your help.



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