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Pod farm1for GX won't install on mac

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Hello everyone,


I have been a Line 6 user for a couple of years (I own a pod xt live and a Gx)  and until now I never had to resort to technical support or help which is good.


I bought the GX in England back in 2010 and Pod farm was packed along with Ableton live 7  (Pod farm Version 1 for Mac and PC). I used to have a PC (and windows vista) and it worked like a charm, but I had to change systems and I bought a mac. Now I CANNOT EVEN INSTALL THE THING with the CD, there is no Mac file whatsoever.


Let me remind you it cost me £79 and I paid for it. Now, Line6 online support help tells me to go online and download Pod farm which I did. the problem is their are telling me to buy the software again and that my computer will only run it on trial mode?!! Really? Is that how Line 6 behaves with all their softwares and gear? Once its too old they prevent you from even INSTALLING and therefore USING what you bought from THEM and then they FORCE you to buy the newest version of it? At the time you did not need to register online or anything to use your product, I would just do the pod farm stuff and record myself and I was happy doing it. Please help me clearing things out and install the product I bought and own title for.

This is starting to confuse me to say the least I would really like to know how to do it, thank you.

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Your GX includes a license for Pod Farm version 1. The latest PF1 driver for Mac OS appears to be version 1.12, which provides support up to Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).


What Mac OS are you running? If later than 10.6 then it appears you will either need to purchase an upgrade to Pod Farm 2, or install an earlier version of Mac OS on your computer, where PF1 will work. After all, that's the product you bought and paid for several years ago.


I know this isn't what you want to hear, but every software product from every manufacturer has a life cycle and is not supported in perpetuity. I have purchased many software products in the past from different companies that eventually no longer work with constantly updated computer operating systems. I have several CDs of old software that will no longer load or operate on my current computer, and are not supported by the manufacturer on my current computer. Everyone, including Line 6, has to stop supporting old products at some point. You might reasonably argue that 4 years is not long enough, but I doubt that you will win the argument.

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Sir, thanks you for your prompt answer,

My computer is running on Mac OSX 10.9.4 so it seems not to qualify for support, yet I am not downgrading the OS.

Yet, please I am first going to ask you not answer me as if I would be claiming something unduly. I paid dearly for a brand new aleady outdated thing and Line 6 did nothing to prevent that from happening. Besides I got the « After all, that's the product you bought and paid for several years ago Â» you uttered like a blow right in my face.


There are still facts which make me feel like I have been somewhat clearly ripped off by the company : I bought the GX (brand new) in 2010 appearently when POD farm 2 was  already out (which concerns me), how could I know a second version was out ? Even your software notices never warned of any uprgrades for a newer version, or even made me aware there would be one. I came to know a few days ago in 2014 that POD farm 2 even existed and that it was another form of POD farm which is not an upgrade but a different software?!

Now I am feeling LINE 6 should not have been selling your old-things–you-obviously-do-not-care-at-all-and-provide-no-costumer-service hereafter refered to as « POD farm 1» (packaged with Abelton7 and GX). And sir No, excuses based on personal experience « me too, I can’t use old stuff and there is no reason we could do it that is how society works» : in this case they do not work, especially after so short time elapsed. besides, and this important : according to what you said, had I not changed systems nowadays but a few years ago, I would have had the same upgrade issue with my versions back in 2011  shortly after I had purchased the GX which is TERRIBLE to read as justification. I am very glad I can still use many old softwares through upgrades( which I thought version 2 of POD farm was after all )…the only difference is that the company LINE 6 CHOSE not to provide us with the relevant drivers for newer systems which is a shame. Anyways I am glad my Marshall, my guitars,old mixing tables do not abide by these kind of customer policies.


I am now concerned about the customer service I will be offered if anything happens to my POD XT live… shoudl I sell lit on grounds the company will declare it oudated and will not provide any newer drivers for maintainance in case it freezes or stop functionning ? I know there are newer HD’s out but I like the stuff I already have….


As you may have noticed, this makes me very disappointed with Line 6 as though I liked the products very much before. I cannot still consider it being quality products when somthing that is barely a few years old is rejected by costumer support as not qualifying for support…if this is the final word then I guess I will be telling my guitar student and fellow band members to stay away from this company at all costs. That is it for the rant.


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I notice this paragraph on the POD Studio GX product pages, under the Pod Farm tab:


*POD Studio users who activated POD Farm on or after October 1, 2009 are entitled to a free upgrade to POD Farm 2.5.


If your GX is not yet registered, register it here:


Then run Line 6 Monkey with your GX connected and login to Monkey. You may be able to download and install Pod Farm 2.5 without any difficulty based on your account and activation history.


If that doesn't work I definitely think you should contact Line6. They can tell you whether you qualify for a free upgrade to PF2.

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Many thanks for the help, and for showing empathy about those issues!


You were of great help I am contacting Line 6 support and I will explain the situation either tonight or tomorrow...I hope this will help fix it after all as I said I liked the products themselves.

My apologies for taking some part of my rant on you, it was actually aimed at the company itself and at the planned obsolescence aspect of the product (which in my case was beyond belief). I was somewhat hoping it would get to them in some ways.


I will be trying both solutions, and if someone has the same problems in the future, try the solutions! I will try to keep it updated.

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