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Strange gain behavior with HD500X and M-Audio M-Track


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Hi there,


I used to connect the unbalanced 1/4" OUT of my HD500X into the line input of my M-Audio M-Track. With this configuration I was able to adjust the gain one the soundcard linearly, using the whole stroke of the knob.


Now I'm using the HD500X connected with the M-Track with the XLR balanced outputs and with this configuration the first 3/4 of the gain knob have no influence on the signal, only the last 1/4 daoes, and it's obviously very sensitive.


I don't know if it's a soundcard issue or if there are differences in POD signal using balanced vs unbalanced outputs. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance

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I'd think the XLR input of the M-Track already has a mic preamp built into it. I mean, what else is an XLR connection good for on a sound interface like that? Perhaps this is a stereo/mono thing. The 1/4" is giving you a summed L/R mono signal while the XLR is only giving you a single L or R signal. Try putting a noise gate/compressor/other mono FX on the last stage to see if it changes anything. Turn it on but leave the controls at default (I think). You don't want to color your signal but only to sum the L/R signals together.

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