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What's happened with this amp!!?


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I bought a Amplifi 150 but since 4 days now i've a lot of problem!


1- Can't connect to my account on my ipad air (i tried several times!!!) just impossible say: "Failed to log into"

The bluetooth work.


2- On Android 4.4 device with Sony Z2 i can log to my account but can't see my amplifi in the app ^^


3- On my PC when i open utility i've this message "No Amplifi Devices were detected"


I think it's just to much to take on, do you think there is some solution or i have to take something else?




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Hmmm... You're definitely justified in feeling frustrated!


Do you know what firmware you're running on the amp? If you can get the USB installer to work, that's probably what I'd focus on first. Have you tried different USB cables? Does the Amplifi show up on your computer at all when you connect it via USB?

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