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How can I connect the POD HD "Desktopt" with my Amp?

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Next to my POD HD "Desktopt" I also use an "ENGL Screamer 50 Combo E330" but I never connected my Pod with my Engl because I dont know how to connect them and I'm scarred because of overriding something.

Normaly I use my POD via USB on my PC.
But I asked myself if I can use my real amp instead of the virtuel amp.
Or a real cab instead of a virtuel cab.
So that noise gates, compressores and distortion pedals are constructed in front of the ENGL.
I thought that I stick a cable from the left or right output in the input of my amp...but...I really dont know.
Reading the guide of the POD does not help me.

There are also connections for FBV Pedal, S/PDIF Dig Out, USB2.0 (connected to my pc) and microphone.

Can someone help me?


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Run your live out into the effects return (labeled FX Loop Return on the ENGL).  Pretty sure that shoud work fine, not sure if it's different with the USB attached or not, but pretty sure it should work fine.

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Well for starters - just use the left out of the Bean into the "in" of the fx loop (IIRC should be on the rear). Prior to flipping anything on turn the pods volume down as you will be at full tilt through the power amp.


or set your amp as neutral as you can - tones all at 50% no verb (fx off if it has them) on a clean channel and go in the front. Again start with the volume down low.


You will have to see (hear) what output setting you like on the HD - studio direct, combo etc...


After you get get that under your belt there is an excellent thread here somewhere by spaceatl on how to set up the HD Bean for a 4cm using the mic input. If I get a chance I'll try and dig er up :)




FBV - footcontroller - if on the fence the answer is "yes" since there is no midi (why?!?) it is your only control option. I like the FBV over the Express but both can serve a purpose.


That should get you started.




EDIT: Yep what ole lightning finger said! :)

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